Wizards of Oz

"Life is fraughtless ... when you're thoughtless."


Not a good place to be ....

... without 1"-thick plexiglass between us and them!


[Moblog] Pride Rock

There's something mildly disconcerting about waking to the sounds of lions roaring.....


[Moblog] Meerkat Morning

Rise and shine!


[Moblog] Sunrise over Cheyenne Mtn

Beautiful morning -- despite the torrential downpour last night. Doppler showed lots of yellow and red over south Colorado Springs.....

Lessons learned? Hard rain on a tent sounds a lot like sleeping inside a drum during a Kiss concert, and your rain-fly will never work as advertised if there's the slightest hint of wind.



[Moblog] Zoo Loft

After visiting the necropsy lab at the zoo hospital, we ended the night at the "Loft", featuring a number of reptiles and amphibians - plus a de-scented skunk named Lily.


[Moblog] FOB Giraffe

After the giraffes, guinea fowl, turkey vultures and zebras were sent to their indoor pens this evening, our Scouts formed a working party to clean the yard. Many rakes, shovels, and two wheelbarrows worth of "#2" later, and the yard was ready for campin'!


[Moblog] Rainbow over the Baobab Tree


[Moblog] Zoo Camping

The Boy Scouts-Pikes Peak Council is having a campout at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo tonight. We've signed Man-Cub up for a behind-the-scenes vet tour, and a "loft" activity that reportedly involves cleaning up after the animals.....

We'll be camping out in the Giraffe Yard, and look forward to seeing the animals after dark.