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New toy

After running my Treo 600 into the ground for more than 2-1/2 years (after buying it used on eBay, no less), I have finally upgraded to a new-in-box, copper colored Treo 680 (Palm OS).

Since the old 600's camera started to get grainy, the screen started showing lines, the shift and "0" keys began sticking and the stylus digitizer began to drift, it was time.... Now my wife will inherit the hand-me-down so she can play Klondike solitaire in color.

As someone who has used the Palm OS since the 1990s (Graffiti and all), I have no intention of crossing over to Windows Mobile. Unfortunately PalmOne's decision last year to start offering Windows Mobile on its PDAs may mean this is the last Palm OS device I'll be able to buy new.

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