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DHS S&T Summary

It was a good week at the Reagan Building & International Trade Center, where I was a guest of MountainRunner (as one of his invited "bloggers") covering the Dept of Homeland Security Science & Technology Stakeholders' Conference. It was a great chance to meet several 'blogfriends in person, as well as several new faces like Dr. Amy Zalman (who aptly noted the unspoken theme of "persistent surveillance" at this week's show) and Jonah Czerwinski (whose several posts can be found here, along with others related to "Technology for Homeland Security").

'Bloghost MountainRunner was featured prominently in a Sharon Weinberger piece at WIRED's Danger Room, and Michael Tanji's ThreatsWatch post raises the excellent consideration of management process to govern capability development. My own posts, tagged "liveblog", are here.

I was most surprised to note that, while Undersecretary of Homeland Security (Science & Technology) Jay Cohen is the former Chief of Naval Research, the bulk of the technical content presented at this week's conference comes from the Department of Energy. DoE representatives dominated the agenda (particularly the plenary panel discussions, where one panel was fully dedicated to DoE National Labs) as well as the exhibit floor (where booths featured Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Battelle, National Nuclear Security Administration, Nevada Test Site and hometown big-wig B&W Y-12).

My conclusion? While U.S. Northern Command is the "Executive Agent" for DHS S&T's experimentation campaign, the preponderance of technical and research content is driven by the Department of Energy.

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[Moblog] Blog Summit

Happy Hour at the Capitol City Brewery with (from left to right) MountainRunner, Haft of the Spear, Danger Room / War Is Boring and Wizards of Oz. Watch out, Washington!

I'm probably not supposed to tell you this, but David Axe had to depart early for an, (ahem), viewing of Sex and the City -- not unlike another 'blogger recently did.... :-) And no, ZenPundit, he was not in the "Somebody's Interior Decorator" ratio.

Update: According to MountainRunner, Axe said the dresses in SatC were "FABulous". I suppose for a guy about to depart for the Ends of the Earth, he's entitled.... BTW, I encourage you to support David's ventures via a PayPal donation. He may just mention you in his book!

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